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I made this game alone. Its my second completed game and im kind of proud of me. FIRST JAM!!!!!!!!!

In this game, you start with one action and unlock more on your way. Really sweet and short adventure, Hope you'll like it!


One by One.zip 16 MB


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Here's my gameplay critique as requested!

I'm so happy to see you start game development, and I'd say this is a pretty strong start! The core design idea of this game is really solid with picking up the new controls over time. It's something that could easily be expanded upon and explored further into something pretty excellent.

I have no issue with the core of this game, I'd just like to see some improvements on the presentation and minutia, particularly the level design and camera. The level design is very functional, but combined with how tight the camera is, you can't see where you're jumping most of the time, or can't see that there's a moving platform you should be waiting for as it's too far off-screen. The player should always be able to see what's coming next, but that's not a game-breaking problem by any stretch and is easy to solve in the future.

Overall, this was a really great second game, so great to see you starting gamedev so young! I hope I can see more games from you soon. Remember, make lots of small games; don't try to make your huge magnum opus anytime soon. You'll finish more, learn more, and be a lot more motivated with a frequent series of small, finished games than trying to toil away on a bigger game. Keep to games about this size, and just be consistent with your development. Making a game a week with the Weekly Game Jam is a great place to start! Keep it up, I'm expecting big things from you in the coming years 👍

P.S. Igor's Lost Eggs video is also coming where I also make a fool of myself with my terrible French...


This is super adorable and a really good use of the Game Jam theme. Really well done, I really enjoyed this!